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You worked hard to build generational wealth. Train your children to keep it.
Getting a hold of your finances can feel like rocket science – but it doesn’t have to! Demmons Enterprise women feel empowered about their money and you should too.

You worked hard to
build generational wealth.
Will your family maintain it for years to come?

Getting a hold of your finances can feel daunting…Demmons Enterprise helps families feel empowered and maintain generational wealth.

You like to see your money grow.

Make, Keep and Grow your Money for generations to come.

We help simplify this process so your family maintains generational wealth.

You’re not alone in this. So many women are in your same shoes – unsure where to turn for help with the transformation. It’s not your bank. It’s not bitcoin. It’s us.

You don’t need a finance degree to make this happen. You simply need to know what works today.

Learn What Works

This is the financial education you wish you always had. None of the fluff. Information you can use right now to get where you want to be.

Generational Coaching

Building generational wealth is only half the battle, the real challenge lies in maintaining and growing that wealth overtime. Most people will not make it a  priority to train their family in how to manage and preserve wealth for the long haul. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the guide who can get you there?

Plan Your Estate Courses

Again – you don’t need another online course. You need THE RIGHT online course. Effective. Proven. Only the good stuff.

Protect generational wealth while
protecting your family with solid estate planning that builds wealth over the long haul.

Meet Lynn.

Working with clients across the country, Lynn enjoys helping women make, keep and grow your money. Her simple yet practical, effective systems empower women like you to grow and focus on outcomes – not incomes. As a result, her clients truly get the traction they’re looking for to build that dream life they’ve always wanted for themselves, their families and their future.

Here are some of our awesome partners.

A few of the women who have money-confidence now.

For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I have a real future with my money!

Jackie H.


I wanted to be able to travel the world with my family by 45. The path to do that now is clear!

Elise R.


The best thing I learned from Demmons are the tools to take control of my money. Amazing!

Sarah K.