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Meet Lynn – CEO of Demmons Enterprise

America’s #1 Financial Rebound Strategist is an author, keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach and CEO of Demmons Enterprise a professional development training company. Working with clients across the country, Lynn conducts group seminars and facilitates sessions for corporate and government executives, academia and not-for-profit organizations helping them to make their money, keep their money and grow their money. Her simple yet practical, effective systems empower clients to grow and focus on outcomes not incomes. As a result, her clients achieve the best financial life for their purposes. Lynn’s philosophy is “Be generous with what you have- no matter how big or small; results will follow.”

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Our Services

  • Financial Education

    Most families and schools don’t teach financial education and instead many are taught to follow the old rules of money. We educate you on money management, investing strategy, and proven methods for financial responsibility. Learn more here.

  • Financial Confidence Coaching

    Our coaching sessions focus on activating your financial confidence plan!  The objectives of this session are to reflect on what you want from life; and translate those wants in to real life step-by-step plans that are both practical and possible for you! Learn more here.

  • Online Courses

    We offer online, easy to understand courses, jam-packed with information on how to grab the reigns in your financial situation. Learn more here.

  • Business Consulting

    Sessions that focus on building your business to ensure proper protocols and systems are in place to build wealth. Learn more here.

  • Contract Management Consulting

    Navigating the federal, state and local government space can be overwhelming. Demmons Enterprise provides strategies and a proven system that maximizes your chances of winning government contracts. We support you in the process or teach you how to go out there and win your own contracts in the government market. Learn more here.

5 Reasons You MUST join Financial Confidence Now Academy

1. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your financial situation.
2. You make millions for others on a consistent basis but you do not do it for yourself.
3. You have not started saving for your future or you have invested very little and you need to learn how to ramp it up.
4. You feel that the government does not have your back and you need to protect the financial well-being of your family.
5. You wish you had learned how to become a millionaire by investing small amounts at a younger age but need to play catch up.

It is not too late. This is a non-negotiable for your, your family and your community. Get the education you need to change your financial life.

What if your money was really your money?

Not MasterCard's...not the car loan company...