Raising a Financial Genius: Whether You’re Good With Money Or Not

Is a must read (108 pages) for parents and educators who are committed to teaching the next generation how to make their money, keep their money and grow their money. This best seller provides insight into money management including saving, budgeting and investing to build generational wealth. Invest in your copy today here.

No matter where you are in life, there are things we can all do to improve our finances, Raising a Financial Genius is a two part book that provides the strategies for parents/educators to help the child in part one; however, strategies to support the individual parent/educator are provided in part two. Whether your child is a toddler, tween, teen or young adult, it is never too late Raise a Financial Genius: Whether You’re Good With Money Or Not .

 She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall: 100 Stories of Faith, Forgiveness and Friendship

Read the stories of 100 women acknowledging and celebrating, that one woman, who wouldn’t let them down. Through the good times, through the bad times, through the happy and sad times, there was that one woman, that through it all, wouldn’t let them fall. Read my story by investing here.



How You Can W.I.N. as a Lady Leader When Life Deals You an L

Living in your passion is a major key to WINNING as a leaders. Living your passion wont be an easy feat to achieve. You may find yourself defending it to family and friends. Read stories of Life, Leadership and Legacy as a Single Woman Leader. Learn what it means to Never Test the Depth of Water with Both Feet: Leadership in Marriage and how to be the Resilient Woman. All powerful and empowering strategies to build your best life.

Pre-order your copy of this amazing book on leadership for women in a variety of roles. Available on Amazon August 10th. Available now via Kindle .