1.Where does your money go? Know Every Dollar-Budget –a basic idea but when you stick to it consistently, you will spend less money. Apply those extra savings to your emergency fund.
2. Lower Necessary Expenses – Take a second look at certain bills that are a must in your home, and cut as much as you can. Call your gas company, cell phone company or other services to request the current advertised price for new customers. You never know-the worst they can say is no.
3. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses or Services – Get rid of unnecessary bills such as gym memberships you are not using, online accounts such as cable, Netflix etc… that you are not using. With internet TV do you need to pay that expensive cable bill…cut the cord. Get an antenna for free TV and utilize the internet to view free television. Purchase a ROKU or similar device and dramatically reduce those costs.
4. Sell, Sell, Sell – It is always cleaning time and there are somethings we can all get rid of. Why not have a yard sale and get rid of the clutter. Anything that you do not sell can be donated and used as a tax write-off.
5. Get a 2nd Job –This one is self-explanatory and will not be an option for everyone; however, it will only be temporary. Work a second job to earn extra cash that can be used to fund your emergency fund. Be creative in this area. You do not have to work for someone else–tap into your gifts and talents. Then charge your worth.
6. Spending Freeze –This in one that I do at least once or twice per year. Take a month and decide to only spend on needs. Do not purchase anything extra, no eating out, no birthday gifts, nada. Remember this is only for a short time. Take an opportunity to reflect on what truly matters in life and you will find that “stuff” is not the answer.
7. Meal Plan – This is an area in which I am guilty, guilty, guilty. But I quickly realized that eating out costs me over $375 per month. That amount could be saved toward the emergency fund then funneled to other debt.

The ultimate goal is to have an emergency fund because it is always good to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.