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  • Most families and schools don’t teach financial education and instead many are taught to follow the old rules of money. Many of those old rules no longer apply and can be detrimental to your financial future. The truth is having no plan or winging it with your finances is the quickest way to fail.

    Let’s create and activate your financial freedom plan today! The objectives of this session are to reflect on what you want from life; and translate those wants in to real life step-by-step plans that are both practical and possible for you!  The downside is the best time to get started was 20 years ago. The upside is the second best time to start is today.  Do you know enough to get started and make real change?

    Overcome the thoughts of “I can’t budget”, “I can’t save”, “I can’t invest” and move to “how can I take control of my money and learn to save and invest?” Let’s get started.

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Meet Lynn Demmons, Founder of Demmons Enterprise

In life, as in basketball, rebounding is important. To win, you must learn to rebound your finances. Everyone has taken shots and missed. But don’t let that cause you to live in shame and regret. Step up to the line and shoot again using the three key steps I followed to hit nothing but net:

1) Keep your knees bent. Metaphorically, it’s all about position.
2) Keep your hands in the air-not in your purse or your pockets. Reaching to spend could have led the problems you are facing today.
3) Get into position with a strong base and prepare to stay the course. Consistency matters!

With knowledge, preparation, planning and assistance, you CAN rebound financially. Go for the win. Let Coach Lynn show you how!

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