Do you really need the latest name brand purse or shoes when you don’t have the amount you paid for that item in your savings account? Do you have to have the latest smartphone or electronic device when your current phone or device does everything you need?

Ultimately, we all want to be financially secure in our lives. In many cases most Americans are more obsessed with financial security and worried about the future of their families than ever before.  Although, money comes and goes there is more than enough money for everyone! The concept of greatest importance is not what you make but what you keep.

The number one question remains, WHY IS SAVING SO HARD? As a child, most of us heard the phrase money doesn’t grow on trees or you lack self control if you don’t save money.  The truth of the matter is that saving or the lack thereof is related to your current reality or money state of mind. The cable bill, the gas bill and car payments tend to have a higher priority than college or retirement which may be 10, 15, 20 or more years down the road. While the bills are “in your face today”, these future priorities pale in comparison to today’s reality.

One important rule of thumb is understanding the difference between saving and investing. For the purpose of this discussion: saving is for 5 years or less–while investing is for 5 years or more. Changing your state of mind about money can simplify the process of saving or moving to the next level.

There are 3 key steps to understanding your money state of mind:

1 READ, READ, READ–seek wisdom by educating yourself. Read books that are relevant to your situation

2. Know your Numbers- the dreaded “B” words–there are tons of free budget spreadsheets or downloads that will guide you through this process

3. Reflect on your past to understand why that thinking has kept you were you are today. Reflect then Release. Comment below, let us know what you think and what would make this a better experience for you.