The Impact of Credit on Your Life: Credit Profile 101 Materials Download

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Learn how to maintain, build or repair your credit.

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    Identify the correlation between your credit history and your financial reputation as well as develop a basic understanding of what credit history is and how to maintain, build or repair your credit.

    In the financial world, credit refers to an arrangement that defers payment for borrowed money or a purchased item until later. In other words, you get money or stuff now, and you agree to pay it back at a later time. Your credit score is similar to a report card in school. In school, if you frequently missed class, did poorly on tests, and never did your homework, you probably would receive a bad grade (D or F). With credit, if you don’t pay your bills on time, carry a high debt load, and have bills that you stopped paying, you probably will have a bad credit score. Use this download to build, maintain or repair your credit starting today.

    Learning how credit works is the key to building an outstanding credit history that allows you to build wealth.

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